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About Comfort Cat & Friends

NYC-based Comfort Cat & Friends perform music that's been described as luminous, delighfully negative, and “punk by way of the divine,” among other words. Fronted by singer-songwriter, Comfort Cat, the self-described dream punk group mainly features her six-string “guitarlele" and Jason Laney's keyboard, plus an assortment of other instruments.

Venues they have appeared at include Niagara, Otto's Shrunken Head, Amendment 18, Crafthouse, and others.

As a songwriter, Comfort Cat is decidedly contrarian, illuminating threads of connection in hateful places. They despise virtue signalling, and refuse to tell people what to do or think. Instead of writing about life lessons or generally accepted platitudes, Comfort Cat focuses on small, specific moments of suffering and failure. They seek to describe direct emotional experiences as they feel in the present, and not how people rationalize them.

Comfort Cat does not want to help you grow, learn, or become a better person. They just want to commiserate, gleefully, joyfully, with zero perspective, zero compassion for those that wrong you, and absolutely no room for nuance, until they die no wiser, no smarter, no closer to any sort of Nirvana than they ever were before. It’s not what the yoga moms recommend. But it might scratch an itch.